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‍‍‍so happy‍‍‍ you're here.

in love ‍‍‍+ Light

eLated ligh‍‍‍t -- like the happiest light that ever was!

My photography is designed to capture effortless love, true emotion‍‍‍, and genuine laughter.

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I'm Sa‍‍‍rah.

‍‍The artist behind Elated Light - and your new best friend!

If you're here looking for a hopeless r‍‍‍omantic with incredible attention to detail, look no further. I am a perfectionist to a fault that will be by your side through your entire engagement, ready to assist you with anything you may need. Interested in a timeline suggestion? You got it. On the fence about a first look? Here's a 'pros and cons' list for you.

Whatever it may be, rest assure that I am here to be more than just another vendor you hire. I'm here to make your wedding experience as pleasant as possible.

I cannot wait to connect with you!

H E L L O,   L O‍‍‍ V E L Y

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if love was‍‍‍ a colo‍‍‍r, this would be it.

destination wedding & elopement photographer. ‍‍‍

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