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Alicen & Troy‍‍‍

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Sometimes in life, you get to experience moments you have dreamt about for a very long time.

Being a part of my sister's surprise proposal session was one of those moments.

It all started when I booked my extended trip to Portland, OR for a wedding I was photographing in January. I knew Troy had been planning on proposing soon, had been looking at rings, and was ready to pop the question. As we plotted on Facebook messenger, we giggled to ourselves ((I giggled, but he probably did a more manly thing)), knowing that she would have no idea, and this would be a true surprise proposal that we will all remember forever.

We chose a location together, somewhere with a view and a lot of different options for portrait scenery. Marquam Park in downtown Portland, leading up to Council Crest was exactly what we were envisioning. There is a beautiful hike from the park to the peak, but we decided to start at the park and halfway through the session, drive up to the peak together to do the proposal there. Alicen was sparkling the entire day, unaware that the best part was about to happen, and I could barely contain myself, hiding behind the camera to not give anything away.

As we are walking down the hillside to get in position, Troy and I were trying to be sneaky, exchanging visual cues that we were both ready for him to propose - his huge smile as he reached into his pocket, her on his other arms trying to watch her step.

I couldn't have imagined it better.

Setting them up in position, Alicen was facing away from Troy as he dropped down to one knee. When I told them to slowly turn around, she saw him down and exclaimed, "Is this a joke?!

I was snapping away, beaming from ear to ear as she walked over to him and he so sweetly asked her to marry him. Her response? Well, you can see what happened in the photos below. :)

Being a part of surprise proposals is always such an honor, and that reigns extra true with my sister/best friend being involved.

I'm SO INCREDIBLY HAPPY for you two!

Let the wedding planning commence!


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