‍‍‍‍‍‍Jen + Lief

I want to tell you all about the love that these two share, that they stare into each other's eyes so deeply it's like they have a hidden secret only the two of them know about, and it's buried so deep in the other that they can only see it by staring just so... I want to tell you how they have been through it all and still come out on top, with one of the greatest loves I have ever witnessed in real life, the kind of love that movies are written about and actors try to portray, never really knowing the intensity of loving another so completely. I want to explain their laughter, how it comes so organically and fills the entire universe we are in, it's intoxicating energy that permanently paints smiles across all of our faces while we take photographs. But the thing is, really, that I don't need to tell you about them. The photos say it all.

I'll give you a secret that I have come to notice about couples - if you want to know if their love is true and genuine, look at their hands. Couples that grab each other, almost in a way of trying to absorb the other in their own body so that they are one instead of two - that's when it's easy to know truly how they feel about one another.

Now, in sharing that little tip, I give you the 6 year winter anniversary session of Jen & Lief. The absolute definition of hashtag: relationshipgoals.‍‍‍

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