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I want my work to say something to you, and instead of only hearing it, I hope that you feel it too. I want you to hire me because you value what photography offers life itself. One of the single most important documentation techniques of all time, preserving your most cherished memories and the fleeting moments that we will one day look back upon and remember, photography is indeed priceless.

I want us to trust each other, growing together as we create beautiful images that you display in your home, and share with your families, the babies you will make together, and the grandchildren you will spoil someday.‍‍‍

If you want to travel to a location for your engagement or anniversary photos, I want to come along! If you have a local diner that is "your spot" or want to get cozy in your own humble abode, I'm seriously all about that too. Your story is unique to the two of you, and I strive to represent everyone in their most authentic tone.

Now is our only time to be wild & free, so let's take it with everything we have! We don't always have to be wild, but let's for sure be free ((and maybe throw a little wild in there if it works)).

Please contact me here if any of this describes what you are looking for and let's get together to talk more about what you have planned for the best day ever.

in love + L‍‍‍i‍‍‍ght

eLated light

eLated light -- like the happiest ligh‍‍‍t that ever was!‍‍‍

My photography is designed to capture effortless lo‍‍‍ve, true emotion, and genuine laughter.‍‍‍

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Cheers to yo‍‍‍u! xx.

Your laughter. Your love.

I want to know what makes your heart skip a beat and hear the story of the first time you knew: he was T H E  O N E.‍‍‍

I want to know what makes you laugh together, what makes you cry...

Everything that makes you and your future husband the unique couple

t h a t  y o u  a r e.

This is what I love to photograph.

I am passionately dedicated to finding the special things that make your relationship stand out and creating something beautiful together      that you will be obsessed with for-eh-ver.

If this speaks to you at all, let's talk right now.

...But please, feel free to look around first. *wink*

A note for the ‍‍‍bride...